About Us
We’re a group of creative thinkers who have built a business to change the world.

ListButler, an AI startup based in the US, was founded in 2022 to make written communication and information easier, faster, and more accessible to everyone.

ListButler is an AI platform that helps people write better, faster. It is used by freelancers, marketers, and small businesses to improve their communications and marketing.

Our mission: AI copywriting assistant, made smaller and easier to use for everyone!

Our goal is to empower startups, scaleups, and solo founders in their battle against industry giants with limitless marketing resources. We achieve this by leveraging advanced AI technology to craft high-quality content.

We assist our clients in reaching their desired audience and establishing dominance within their industry niche in search results. This is achieved by equipping them with powerful SEO tools.

Creating top-notch content can be a significant demand for busy founders, which is why our objective is to facilitate seamless SEO scaling.

What we are best at

Our Services

Product descriptions
Product descriptions provide essential information about the product, such as its features, specifications, and benefits. They help potential customers understand what they are buying, which can lead to informed purchasing decisions.
SEO-optimized content
SEO-optimized content is essential for improving your website's visibility in search engine results. Here are some key elements and practices to consider when creating SEO-optimized content.
Ecommerce product listings play a vital role in the success of an online store. Here are several reasons why they are crucial. Product listings make your products visible to potential customers online.
Data Sourcing
Data sourcing refers to the process of finding and collecting data from various relevant and reliable sources for analysis, research, or business purposes.
Bullet points allow you to emphasize the key features and specifications of your product. This helps potential customers understand what sets your product apart from others in the same category.
Content Generation
Content is the primary medium for providing detailed information about your products. Accurate, comprehensive, and well-structured product descriptions help customers understand what they are buying, reducing uncertainty and the likelihood of returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ListButler?
ListButler uses AI to generate and optimize copy for product listings and marketing materials, helping you reach more customers and sell more products.
How does the AI software work?
The AI software operates by utilizing advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques. It combines semantic analysis, data processing, and optimization strategies to quickly and efficiently produce high-quality, audience-specific content.
How quickly can I generate a product listing using Al?
Our AI software can create a complete product listing in less than 30 seconds. AI can significantly speed up the process of generating product listings, potentially taking only a few minutes for simple listings. However, for more complex listings or if you want to fine-tune the content extensively, it might take a bit longer. The advantage is that AI can provide a solid foundation that you can then refine to meet your specific needs.
Are there any extra expenses associated with using this service?
No, there are no additional charges for using our AI services. We provide a variety of Monthly and Annual plans that encompass all the tools and features necessary to enhance your listings and boost your sales performance.
Can I try the system with a free trial or demo before I decide to purchase a plan?
Yes, we do offer a 14-days free trial or demo of our system so that you can test it out before committing to a purchase. This allows you to explore the capabilities and benefits of our AI services and determine if it meets with your needs and expectations.
How to request a demo?
Click on the Book a Call button or write us a mail using our contact details. Our team will reach out to you or schedule a demo with you.
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